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  • Entering the world

    You likely are aware that so much of our funding comes from grants and awards. Last year, we were honored to receive a gift from the National Volunteer Transportation Center. We are applying again this year. As part of the application process for the “STAR Award”, we are required to submit a story written by a passenger who […]

    Making lemonade from lemons

    Erin Kackos, James’s Prevocational Specialist is a pillar of support for James. Allow me to introduce you to James Carr! James is a volunteer, here at the JFS Orange office. A big initiative is underway to close down work centers (formerly called “workshops”) for people with disabilities. The initiative by Office for People with Developmental […]

    Sharing appreciation; receiving and expressing!

    Megan, shining as always with Herman, a valued volunteer Evaluations, numbers, percentages, surveys, “units of service”. As a nonprofit that is reliant on grants from foundations and government agencies; these are all terms that roll off our tongues. Reporting makes us accountable and trust me when I tell you; it takes quite a bit of […]

    Volunteering for the Friendly Visitor Program enriches one man’s life

    Patty Hinck, Friendly Visitor Transportation Coordinator of JFS with David Neves In 2008, David Neves of Port Jervis was involved in a very bad car accident. By looking at photos, people find it hard to believe that David survived. And survived, he most certainly did! David has a disability which keeps him from being employed, […]

    You’ve heard of C.I.T.’s; what’s an M.I.T.?

    Most camps that we know of have Counselors in Training. At the JFS KidsConnect Camp, we developed a unique volunteer program for kids 13-17 years old to act as mentors for children with disabilities. Yes, they serve as “Mentors in Training”. It is my hope that at the end of the summer, I’ll share with […]

    Last week JFS lost a board member; guest writer, Janet Davis

    Doris Rubinsky is so appreciative of Wyletta’s volunteer efforts The passing of Wyletta Barbee has left an unfillable void in our agency and in our hearts. Rarely do we meet a person who so naturally disregards superficial differences and simply embraces the commonalities in us all. And while many will step up to volunteer their […]

    Big Wheels

    Shannon Wong, Orange County Legislator is with Elise Gold and Doris Rubinsky of JFS about to deliver meals “Big Wheels?” you may ask. What is that about? One of the Office for the Aging’s amazing programs is their Senior Dining Program. Each day, volunteers organized by this Orange County department are out delivering meals to […]

    Home is where the heart is

    Let the truth be told; I’m new at blogging. I’m most open to suggestions. One social media training spoke of the value of inviting “guest bloggers”. The words below were directly copied (with permission) from an email that Doris, the Program Director of our Safety Net Program received. I’m happy to share Christa’s sentiments. Hi […]