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  • A wise investment; partnering with the Community Foundation of Orange Sullivan County

      Elizabeth Rowley, CFOS Director of Development accepting a check from Elise Gold on behalf of JFS If you’re reading this, then you likely remember 2008.  Yes, the financial crisis hit.  At that time, the Diane Finkelstein Fund for Families in Crisis had money invested in an endowment fund.  And yes, at that time, the […]

    Live United

    Agency reps of organizations funded by the United Way of the Dutchess Orange Region If you’ve ever had a conversation with me about JFS, I’m sure you have heard our agency’s mission rolling off of my tongue.  We certainly could not work towards attaining our mission if we were in a vacuum.  The work we do […]

    From devastation to empowerment

    Gene was 81 years old when his girlfriend passed away. It was her social security benefits that were keeping them afloat. When she died, he couldn’t meet his expenses. He was diagnosed with colon cancer, finished his treatment and didn’t have anywhere to turn. Gene has no family in the area and needed support. His […]