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  • Assemblyman Skoufis shares his perspective with the JMHCA

    Executive directors and administrators of nonprofits throughout Orange County meet on a monthly basis as part of a federation called the “Joint Members of Health and Community Agencies” (or JMHCA). Together, we learn about trends and changes in the human service field. We hear again and again from colleagues of other counties that Orange County […]

    Join me in celebrating our MSC Department!

    Empowering all people facing challenging times to live with dignity, hope and strength is the mission of Jewish Family Service. This mission expresses itself in an array of programs. We work with many people facing challenging times. One of the agency’s oldest programs is that of “Medicaid Service Coordination.” This program operates under the rules […]

    A forum on the Olmstead Act

    Have you heard of the Olmstead decision? In a nutshell, it came about when two women, Lois Curtis and Elaine Wilson, both with a diagnosis of mental illness and intellectual disabilities were in and out of psychiatric hospitals. When at home, they did not have the care needed. They’d end up in the hospital and […]

    Who is Raquel?

    Just a couple of weeks ago, Margie Faber, the Director of Medicaid Service Coordination here at JFS Orange shared a note that Raquel’s sister sent to her. It gives me great pleasure to share a few words from that note here: Hello Margie, (…) It is with great joy and pride that I say “thank-you” […]

    A box to help reduce stigmatization

    Elise Gold, JFS Orange; Nadia Allen, Mental Health Association in Orange County; Nolly Climes, Rehabilitation Support Services; Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther; Darcie Miller, Commissioner of Mental Health and Social Services for Orange County; Peggy Spagnola, MHA Orange and NAMI; Glenn Liebman, Mental Health Association in New York State If you’ve ever heard Assemblymember Aileen Gunther talk, […]

    Making lemonade from lemons

    Erin Kackos, James’s Prevocational Specialist is a pillar of support for James. Allow me to introduce you to James Carr! James is a volunteer, here at the JFS Orange office. A big initiative is underway to close down work centers (formerly called “workshops”) for people with disabilities. The initiative by Office for People with Developmental […]

    Marking 25 years of the Americans with Disabilities Act

    Our agency is a proud member of the AJFCA (the Association of Jewish Family & and Children’s Agencies). I’m happy to share some reflections from the President and CEO’s weekly newsletter. Thank you to Lee I. Sherman, for allowing us to post your words. We certainly share in your sentiments. “Sunday is the 25th anniversary […]

    Bring on the audits!

    Medicaid Service Coordinators Megan Mazzucca and Sandra Brown stand by Cory S. of OPWDD after a two-day audit was conducted. Their smiles say it all! When most people hear the term, “audit”, they’d like to bolt in the other direction. Whether it is the IRS or any other entity that oversees a part of our […]


    Lance is a friendly, generous man of 32 who is motivated by being a part of the community.  For over ten years, JFS has offered him support through Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC), as Lance has an intellectual disability.  Lance has lived in various supervised settings in the past.  With our help and Lance’s vision, he […]