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  • Assemblyman Skoufis shares his perspective with the JMHCA

    Executive directors and administrators of nonprofits throughout Orange County meet on a monthly basis as part of a federation called the “Joint Members of Health and Community Agencies” (or JMHCA). Together, we learn about trends and changes in the human service field. We hear again and again from colleagues of other counties that Orange County […]

    Celebrating Kindness

    What an honor it was to be at the opening reception of the “Student Creative Expression Exhibit of 2017”. It was the culmination of work of students throughout the Hudson Valley; they worked on pieces expressing “Celebrating Kindness”. For me, the event was both an education and a true celebration! I learned from Rob Conlon, […]

    Achieving Racial Equity in Human Service Practice

    Here we are on Martin Luther King Day. It is fitting for me to sit down and finally share some thoughts about a presentation I attended last month. As a member of the Cultural Equity Task Force of Orange County, I have the honor of serving in the role of Community Training Committee Chairperson. In […]

    When Past is Present, Part 3… or, Never forget, never again, and never fully understand.

    “Empathy.” As a social worker, this word is part of my life’s blood. When I talk with people about what the word, “empathy” means, I am clear that it is not the same as “sympathy.” We are not feeling sorry for a person. Empathy expresses a way of feeling with a person. As best as […]

    Summer staff retreat

    I thought twice about sharing this post with you. “Why?”, you may ask. I wonder if you really want to know about time away from work that the staff spends with one another. I decided that I value this time and it’s worth mentioning here. Each summer, our staff takes a day for a “retreat”. […]

    A personal post from Elise and her husband, Mathew

    Dear Friends, Family and Community, When our daughter Maya took her life on October 2, our collective hearts shattered into enough pieces to fill the ocean. Each piece reflects memories and questions. Memories we will hold dear; questions that will remain unanswered.  We will never make sense of it all, yet while deep in our […]

    A box to help reduce stigmatization

    Elise Gold, JFS Orange; Nadia Allen, Mental Health Association in Orange County; Nolly Climes, Rehabilitation Support Services; Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther; Darcie Miller, Commissioner of Mental Health and Social Services for Orange County; Peggy Spagnola, MHA Orange and NAMI; Glenn Liebman, Mental Health Association in New York State If you’ve ever heard Assemblymember Aileen Gunther talk, […]

    Come “Dine-Around” with us!

    Design credit: www.susannaronner.com Before his retirement, Rabbi Schwab served on our agency’s Finance Committee. In noticing the challenges that came with this year’s budget, he proposed, “why don’t you hold a Dine-Around? Jewish Family Service used to host these events and they were a lot of fun!” That was the seed. Fast forward many months, […]

    Our friends at ShopRite Supermarkets

    Photo provided Now here is a blogpost with a twist! You often will hear of “Public Service Announcements” letting the community know about the good work of nonprofits. As a leader of a nonprofit, I would like to take the opportunity to share a similar announcement about our friends at ShopRite. “Friend’ is not a […]

    Farewell and reflections from Megan Conroy

    One can just hear Megan’s smile as she talks on the phone! After finishing my education at SUNY New Paltz, I began my job search overwhelmed with the options available in the Human Services field. I felt confident in the tools I had acquired, but knew there was still much more I needed to add […]