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  • A Close-Up of the Friendly Visitor Program in Action

    At Jewish Family Service, we highly value collaborating with others. We serve ALL corners of the county with our Friendly Visitor Program. Through partnerships between JFS Orange and five municipalities, we have found that we can be more effective in meeting the needs of neighbors and recruiting volunteers. A partnership was recently established with the […]

    Assemblyman Skoufis shares his perspective with the JMHCA

    Executive directors and administrators of nonprofits throughout Orange County meet on a monthly basis as part of a federation called the “Joint Members of Health and Community Agencies” (or JMHCA). Together, we learn about trends and changes in the human service field. We hear again and again from colleagues of other counties that Orange County […]

    When Past is Present, Part 3… or, Never forget, never again, and never fully understand.

    “Empathy.” As a social worker, this word is part of my life’s blood. When I talk with people about what the word, “empathy” means, I am clear that it is not the same as “sympathy.” We are not feeling sorry for a person. Empathy expresses a way of feeling with a person. As best as […]

    When the Past is Present: Trauma-Informed Care for Holocaust Survivors Part 2

    Please take some time to hear reflections of Paula, Liz and Stacy as they share some pearls of wisdom that they learned from the conference. (For more details on the conference, kindly take a peek at our last blog post.) There will be one more story related to our time at this inspirational time in […]

    When the Past is Present: Trauma-Informed Care for Holocaust Survivors, Part 1

    At Jewish Family Service, we are most honored to work with Holocaust Survivors and their caregivers.   We have the gift of being awarded grants through different sources. The programs are made possible by funding through Jewish Federations of North America, the Center for Advancing Holocaust Survivor Care, The Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany, […]

    Entering the world

    You likely are aware that so much of our funding comes from grants and awards. Last year, we were honored to receive a gift from the National Volunteer Transportation Center. We are applying again this year. As part of the application process for the “STAR Award”, we are required to submit a story written by a passenger who […]

    Stay active, be distracted!

    At JFS Orange, we have the honor participating in the “Health Promotion and Mental Services Program.” This unique program falls under the “Community Services for Elderly Program” under the auspices of Orange County Office for the Aging. Among other responsibilities, Vicki Bedford runs support groups. One area in which so many of us suffer is, […]

    Thank you and thank you back!

    Maureen, a woman in her 60’s, has been an extremely independent, professional woman for years. Recently, she had a series of car accidents.   She now depends on others for rides and support. The independent person that she is, she reached out to JFS’s Friendly Visitor Program; she felt she needed a backup plan. Doris, Program […]

    A box to help reduce stigmatization

    Elise Gold, JFS Orange; Nadia Allen, Mental Health Association in Orange County; Nolly Climes, Rehabilitation Support Services; Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther; Darcie Miller, Commissioner of Mental Health and Social Services for Orange County; Peggy Spagnola, MHA Orange and NAMI; Glenn Liebman, Mental Health Association in New York State If you’ve ever heard Assemblymember Aileen Gunther talk, […]


    Vicki Bedford brings so much to those she serves It happened so fast. We were offered the opportunity to apply for a grant through the Orange County Office for the Aging in the spring. We applied immediately, were awarded the grant and had to get on board to offer “Health Promotion and Mental Services” for […]