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  • Last week JFS lost a board member; guest writer, Janet Davis

    Jul 17,2015


    Doris Rubinsky is so appreciative of Wyletta’s volunteer efforts

    The passing of Wyletta Barbee has left an unfillable void in our agency and in our hearts. Rarely do we meet a person who so naturally disregards superficial differences and simply embraces the commonalities in us all. And while many will step up to volunteer their time, their energy, their expertise to promote a cause, how many of us have enough self-assurance and wisdom that we can actually open our hearts to anyone in need?

    This was Wyletta. A woman so devoted to human rights she volunteered her time and energy with the NAACP, Jewish Family Service, and every troubled teen who crossed her path. A woman who found alternate ways to continue her efforts when her body began to fail. A woman who was still giving of herself as her health reached its last few weeks of giving out.

    Wyletta’s wisdom and genuineness were a gift to everyone she touched. As a board member at JFS, she had a way of periodically stopping the rushing flow of conversation and making everyone take a moment to think more deeply about the ramifications of our decisions. May our future work always be tempered by our memory of Wyletta’s impact and the knowledge of how she would want us to proceed.