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  • Home is where the heart is

    May 11,2015


    Let the truth be told; I’m new at blogging. I’m most open to suggestions. One social media training spoke of the value of inviting “guest bloggers”. The words below were directly copied (with permission) from an email that Doris, the Program Director of our Safety Net Program received. I’m happy to share Christa’s sentiments.

    Hi Doris,
    Volunteering with [the Friendly Visitor Program] has become such an integral part of my life. There is not much else that I enjoy more than spending time with my ‘neighbors’… the only thing that trumps it could be taking care of and spending time with my family and friends but in essence, this is the same thing 🙂
    My husband, daughter and I just spent a fabulous week in Cancun & Cozumel. Perfect weather, food, service… you name it. It wasn’t easy to think of coming back home. The ONLY thing that made it okay for me was knowing that I would be seeing my sweethearts again and spending time with them!! That is the God’s honest truth. Thank you for bringing this experience into my life!!!
    Warm regards,

    Christa volunteers with one of our Friendly Visitor Municipality Partners, the “Town of Montgomery Senior Independence Project”, TOMSIP. Perhaps Christa’s experience will inspire you to volunteer. For more information, click the Volunteer tab on this website. Thank you and warm regards, Christa!