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  • Assemblyman Skoufis shares his perspective with the JMHCA

    Nov 17,2017

    Executive directors and administrators of nonprofits throughout Orange County meet on a monthly basis as part of a federation called the “Joint Members of Health and Community Agencies” (or JMHCA). Together, we learn about trends and changes in the human service field. We hear again and again from colleagues of other counties that Orange County is unique; we “play well in the sandbox.” Aside from discussions, learning from one another’s experiences, advocating as a group and collaborating on special projects, we enjoy hearing from guests. Earlier this week, we were honored to open our meeting to Assemblyman James Skoufis.

    This fall, Assemblyman Skoufis was named Chair of Assembly Task Force on People with Disabilities. Interestingly, this task force had been on hiatus for over ten years. James is in the process of re-establishing this committee. He is bringing both action and heart to his role there.

    Please join me in learning a few of the insights shared by James:

    • “Every single person in NYS has the right to live with dignity.”
    • The NYS Constitution has a section of Civil Rights. Expressed in the constitution are names of specific groups (including gender, race, religion, etc.). These groups are not to be discriminated against. There is a clear omission in the constitution. Where is disability? James is working on including “disabilities” as a group along with the others named. He values the importance of identifying this as part. Increased awareness of people with disabilities is a start.
    • James is looking at accessibility issues. He is working with others in making buildings and housing more accessible. (Locally, Independent Living and Recap are taking initiatives here.)
    • While James sees the role of government in helping peoples’ lives, he honored the work of the nonprofits at the table.

    We are a mirror for him, as he is surely a champion. Especially in the role of Chair of the Assembly Task Force on People with Disabilities, James is speaking up for those who have no or little voice. Thank you, Assemblyman Skoufis for your advocacy!