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  • Farewell and reflections from Megan Conroy

    Aug 21,2015


    One can just hear Megan’s smile as she talks on the phone!

    After finishing my education at SUNY New Paltz, I began my job search overwhelmed with the options available in the Human Services field. I felt confident in the tools I had acquired, but knew there was still much more I needed to add into my “toolbox.” I couldn’t have imagined just how much I would gain when I started working as the Outreach Coordinator for the Friendly Visitor Program at Jewish Family Service.

    During each home visit, every volunteer “match” that helped a neighbor to a medical appointment or with their grocery shopping, I learned just how much a simple gesture can mean. I am in constant awe of the lengths at which our dedicated volunteers will go to help our service participants remain independent in their homes. I also had the privilege of getting to know many of the neighbors who receive our service, all generous enough to share their stories with me.

    It has been such a joy to come into work everyday surrounded by people who welcome every voice they hear on the phone and support each other when there is not always an easy answer. It is so inspiring to be in an environment that not only fosters the growth and empowerment of individuals in need of service, but supports the idea that each day in providing care is a learning experience for the staff.

    With some sorrow and much excitement, I am beginning my Masters in Social Work at Hunter College this fall and will be leaving JFS. I am beyond grateful to everyone at Jewish Family Service for affording me this opportunity. I am saying goodbye having added invaluable skills into my “toolbox” that I know will continue to serve me tremendously. I am excited not only for what’s next for me, but to see how JFS continues to grow and serve the community.