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  • Our friends at ShopRite Supermarkets

    Sep 4,2015

    ShopRite Dietician for blog post
    Photo provided

    Now here is a blogpost with a twist! You often will hear of “Public Service Announcements” letting the community know about the good work of nonprofits. As a leader of a nonprofit, I would like to take the opportunity to share a similar announcement about our friends at ShopRite. “Friend’ is not a term that I use lightly. You will soon learn why ShopRite continues to be a true partner in the community.

    Yes, ShopRite is one of our Corporate Sponsors. They give generously to JFS Orange. And in addition to funds, they donate ShopRite Gift Cards, which we then turn around to give to individuals and families in need through our agency’s Financial Empowerment Program. But it is not this generosity that I wish to speak of. I recently learned of a program, free of charge that ShopRite offers to people in the Orange County community. Here are some words that I took from their literature:

    “ShopRite Supermarkets cares deeply about its customers and is proud to offer free nutrition services by registered dietitians. ShopRite’s in-store nutrition experts are credentialed health professionals who provide individual and family nutrition counseling, grocery store tours, cooking demonstrations, products requests, and much more! ShopRite dietitians are also available for nutrition presentations to local organizations such as schools, businesses, and community groups. Don’t wait to start your journey to health and wellness – call your ShopRite dietitian today!”

    What a great opportunity! If you want to take advantage of these services and find a local ShopRite dietician, visit: http://www.shoprite.com/health-events or call 1-800-ShopRite. I hope that you too, find them to be a friend.