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    Oct 2,2015

    vicki 2a

    Vicki Bedford brings so much to those she serves

    It happened so fast. We were offered the opportunity to apply for a grant through the Orange County Office for the Aging in the spring. We applied immediately, were awarded the grant and had to get on board to offer “Health Promotion and Mental Services” for the Community Services for the Elderly Program. When faced with hiring a therapist to offer home bound counseling, some counseling in the office, and run peer support groups, for us it was a “no brainer”. We knew Vicki Bedford from her time as a graduate level intern with JFS Orange. She brings so much to all of the work that she does and she shines so brightly; what a perfect match! Vicki started this summer. She’s agreed to share some pearls in our blog. There are too many gems for one posting, so stay tuned; I’ll be sharing more over time. I sincerely appreciate how Vicki values the mind/ body connection.

    “Many people face regular bouts of pain and chronic pain for a variety of reasons—arthritis, neuropathy, migraine, bone loss, muscle weakness, and, quite simply, aging. A growing number of people are taking prescription medications or narcotics to manage that pain.

    Here is a simple idea to help you live with chronic pain without suffering:

    Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

    Every cell in your body requires lubrication. Are you drinking enough water? It is recommended that you drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water each day. Spend some time acquainting yourself with how much this actually means—measure your cups and glasses, and keep a written tally of the fluids you take in on a daily basis.

    Buy yourself a BPA-free water bottle and carry it with you during the day.

    Juices counts too… but try diluting 8 oz. of juice with 8 oz. of water to reduce sugar intake.

    Don’t forget tomatoes, watermelon, broth, and herbal tea. These are all good ways to increase your daily fluid intake.

    Caffeinated drinks deplete water, so if you have coffee or soda, drink more water.”

    Over the course of time, Vicki will discuss the importance of “Staying Active” and “Mindfulness”. To learn more about Vicki’s peer support groups, please call and leave her a message: 845-341-1173 ext. 395. With a glass of water in my hand, I’m offering a toast to Vicki’s return!