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  • Thank you and thank you back!

    Jun 17,2016

    EPSON MFP image

    Maureen, a woman in her 60’s, has been an extremely independent, professional woman for years. Recently, she had a series of car accidents.   She now depends on others for rides and support. The independent person that she is, she reached out to JFS’s Friendly Visitor Program; she felt she needed a backup plan.

    Doris, Program Director and Carmen, Program Coordinator of our Safety Net Program recently visited Maureen. They conducted a comprehensive intake screening. They learned of both Maureen’s physical and emotional needs. Given her disabilities, aside from rides, Maureen would benefit from someone to talk with regularly. We are in the process of arranging for a volunteer to visit Maureen.

    Just today, they received this sweet “Thank You” note. Maureen hand wrote the following inside:

    “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to my home and all of your help and kindness. You have given me a feeling of peace of mind and opportunities for some independence that I have not felt since my last accident.

    Sincerely, Maureen”

    Reading these heartfelt beautiful words helps to reinforce the work that we do. Thank YOU Maureen!