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  • Who is Raquel?

    Jul 1,2016


    Just a couple of weeks ago, Margie Faber, the Director of Medicaid Service Coordination here at JFS Orange shared a note that Raquel’s sister sent to her. It gives me great pleasure to share a few words from that note here:

    Hello Margie,

    (…) It is with great joy and pride that I say “thank-you” Margie for your benevolence and caring nature; you have been such a positive and dedicated influence for Raquel.  You are not just a gift for Raquel, but for me too.  It is great to see that there are human beings who genuinely care for others and go beyond the call of duty – that person is certainly you.

    Thank you and to others on your team that make such a difference in the lives of those who need it the most!

    Best, C.

    You may be wondering, “Who is Raquel?” I asked Margie to please let you know who Raquel is. Thank you Margie, for putting pen to paper and also, for making a meaningful difference in Raquel’s life.

    “Raquel lives in a beautiful home in Port Jervis where she is supported to live a life with choice, surrounded by peers who consider her like a sister. She enjoys shopping, leisure recreational activities like ball room dancing, coffee clutches, lively discussion and watching movies. She is artistic and expresses her creativity through a choice of mediums. She attends Church every Sunday where she greets her fellow parishioners and participates in some Church activities. She volunteers for the County’s Office for the Aging dining program. Raquel lives in the same county as a beloved sister who she sees monthly and talks on the phone with at least weekly. Raquel is a person with intellectual disabilities.

    For most of her adult life she lived with her mother and grandmother in an apartment in New York City. She attended a day habilitation program every weekday. With her aging relatives, life was somewhat restrictive. Upon the loss of her mother which was a devastating loss to Raquel, her younger sister asked her to move closer to her in Orange County. With Raquel, her sister identified a house that felt like a home, where she now has lived for eight wonderful years. AS Raquel’s Medicaid Service Coordinator, I have provided services for her throughout the past 8 years. Raquel has bloomed, gained self confidence and thrives in an environment where she is heard and respected. Raquel has become a member of the community with a voice.”

    ~Margie Faber