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  • Volunteer 2020

    Jul 21,2020

    Volunteers like you help make the world a better place with your time, dedication and support to the agency and most importantly our neighbors.

    Thank you so much for being a constant to our neighbors and a beacon of hope. We appreciate all of your efforts who make such an impact on the lives of so many. The only way to become smarter, better, happier, livelier and wiser, is to help others – and you have done all of that and more for JFS and the neighbors in the Friendly Visitor Program.

    I truly hope you know how appreciative everyone is for your volunteer work. Thank you so much for coming forward and serving yourself, we cannot do our work without you.

    During this time of uncertainty, you are making the world a better place and we are eternally grateful. Thank you never seems to be enough and yet, now more than ever, we Thank You!