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  • Opening doors for James

    Aug 24,2017

    We love win win situations. At times, there is more than a “double win.” Hiring James Cartright for our KidsConnect Camp in the summer of 2016 was one of those situations. James worked as a “Mentor in Training” which we like to call, “MIT”.

    We’ll fill you in on the “wins” in a moment. Let us first read a few words from James:

    “In the summer of 2016 I had the opportunity to work at the KidsConnect Camp at Jewish Family Service of Orange County. During my two weeks there, I became very passionate about my work. I had a lot of fun assisting the campers and participating with them in activities. My favorite part of the day was seeing all the campers going home with a big smile on their faces from having an amazing day at camp. My experience at KidsConnect was truly heartwarming.

    “KidsConnect inspired me to continue in this field of work. Over the next six months, I was a seasonal/part time worker at iKan. At iKan, I assist adults with specials needs in the community. I help them work on their personal goals. KidsConnect opened doors for me to continue this work out in the community. I am truly thankful to Jewish Family Service and the entire KidsConnect family for letting me be a part of such an amazing organization. “

    • Win number 1: The kids loved James in 2016!
    • Win number 2: James found a new passion in the work that he did!
    • Win number 3: James pursued this passion and now has a meaningful job with an Orange County based agency, offering care to people with disabilities.
    • Win number 4: James returned to KidsConnect for the Summer 2017 season. Aside from working as a counselor, he is a gifted musician and offered daily music workshops to those who choose to participate.  The campers sincerely resonate with James’s sense of calm.

    Typically, we highlight stories of the many people who receive needed services from JFS Orange. We are aware that we are also touching the lives of volunteers and staff. In this case, our work made an impression on a young adult who now has doors opening for him.  KidsConnect was a start.

    KidsConnect is a therapeutic day camp for children ages 5-18 with any type of disability. We wish James the best as his future unfolds. We also wish (and are working hard) for sustaining the valuable KidsConnect Day Camp. We have faced challenges with funding in recent years. If you have any ideas of sources for this program, please call the office!