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  • A smile goes a long way

    Sep 25,2015


    It’s been just over a month, and Caryn Sobel is already making a difference

    One of the signature programs at JFS Orange is the Friendly Visitor Program; the role of Program Coordinator is critical. We’re pleased to introduce Caryn Sobel, who was recently hired in this role. Caryn is highly motivated and has a big heart. She is extremely organized, a quick learner and has vision. All of these qualities make Caryn a wonderful addition to the “family” of staff at JFS Orange.

    Caryn’s motivation comes from wanting to make the world a better place. She cares deeply about helping people and making a difference. She gives much thought to what is going on in the world and what needs to be done. Caryn witnessed firsthand the process of care given to her aging grandparents. She learned about the challenges of caregivers and wished for a way to make an impact in this realm.

    When asked how to deal with difficult situations, Caryn spoke of being kind, patient, understanding and offering a hand to hold. “A smile goes a long way.” She deeply values connecting with people, as she knows how connections have touched her.

    Formerly, as a producer of documentaries, Caryn learned how to multi-task! There are so many different facets to film making, including each person’s agenda that they bring. She was pivotal in keeping it all together and on time. Those skills are of great value here. On any given day, her “to-do” list may go out the window, as crises arise and she strives to put out the fires. Here’s where the quick learning comes in!

    Ultimately, Caryn sees opportunities at JFs Orange, and in the Friendly Visitor Program to be endless. She recalls hearing how just about 25 years ago, Doris (her supervisor, and Program Director), was working from her living room. It is remarkable how the program has grown since then. While at the office, hearing the warmth in the tones of voice, how people solve problems, and do their best in helping people through our programs has impressed Caryn. She too, wants to do good work that inspires others. We are so glad that Caryn joined our team; please join me in welcoming her!