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  • Small gestures make a big difference

    Mar 13,2015

    Card cover - violets

    “Thanks!  I love you!” these words were written prominently in the inside cover of this beautiful card that recently came in the mail.   At JFS, we frequently receive acknowledgements for the work we do.  I’d like to share the contents of the one we opened up last week:

    “Dear Program of Jewish Family Service,

    Thanks very much for being there for me.  You were kind and loving for congratulating me on my birthday.  It was a very big and very, very happy surprise.  You make me so happy, because now I need people like you in my life.  Thanks again, I love you, AC “

    Along with providing assistance to individuals in need and making the world a better place, offering acts of loving kindness is a core value at JFS.  Whether we offer a reassuring phone call, a visit, or remembering someone’s birthday, it’s gratifying to know that we’ve touched someone’s life.  I continue to be reminded that even small gestures make a big difference.