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  • Helping Survivors of the Holocaust at Passover

    Mar 27,2015


    Since 1951, the mission of the Claims Conference has been to secure what is considered a small measure of justice for Jewish victims of Nazi persecution.  To that end, through negotiations with the German government, payments are provided directly to individual survivors and grants to social welfare organizations serving survivors.  JFS of Orange County is one such social welfare organization. Through a partnership with the Rockland JFS and the Claims Conference, JFS Case Managers offer services to survivors of the Holocaust.  Our case managers help survivors connect to resources.  In addition, there are funds available if someone eligible needs a home health aide.

    This season, we became a participant of a new part of the program.  Passover items can be costly.  To offset this expense, JFS Orange is distributing food gift cards provided by the Claims Conference.  This will help defray added costs that survivors of the Holocaust have as they are preparing for the holiday.

    Please let us know if you know of any survivors of the Holocaust that can benefit from our services!  For those of you that celebrate, I wish you a joyful Passover season.