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  • Aaron’s sparkle

    Apr 17,2015


    What a gift to see that KidsConnect camper Aaron fully embraces the moment. For each activity offered, he seemed to be engaged. We noticed that Aaron always had a little sparkle in his eyes when he saw the drums. On this particular morning at camp, Aaron asked to play. It was a magical moment. Encouraged by his mentor, Schadrac, Aaron became one with the drum. He created a lively atmosphere with rhythms resounding. Other campers broke out in dance and there was a spontaneous celebration.

    These are moments we foster and cherish at KidsConnect Camp. KidsConnect is a program for children with disabilities. It is held during the last two weeks of the summer, when most other programs are on hiatus. Funding for KidsConnect Camp is threatened this year. To that end, the staff, board and parents are doing everything we can to ensure its continuity. You’ve heard of Golf Tournaments as fundraisers. On June 14th, we’ll be holding our agency’s first Mini-Golf Fundraiser. Please click on the golf ball on our home page to find out more details. Join us, spread the word and consider sponsoring the event. Thank you for your part in making magic moments like this happen.