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  • A new chapter for Joan

    Apr 8,2015

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    Like so many people, Joan’s problems are multifaceted. Her medical concerns include failing eyesight, serious gastric and circulatory issues, airborne and food allergies. During her childhood, Joan’s mother was physically abusive and she had family members who were alcoholic. All of these stressors have contributed to her personality development and ability to cope. Joan’s relationship with her sister and children were filled with tension.

    Among other services, our Safety Net Program provides therapy for people that are homebound. Joan and the JFS therapist explored Joan’s childhood experiences. They looked at Joan’s daily struggles, worked on coping skills and plans for an anticipated move. The counseling experience offered Joan tools to heal her relationship with her sister. They also worked on ways to build friendships and increase her support. Joan has since moved. She is now closer to her sister, in a “green environment” where, given her health condition, it is easier for her to breathe. Her network of support has widened. Would Joan have been able to make this move had it not been for JFS? Probably. But based on feedback we received from a letter Joan crafted, it was our help that gave her the tools, confidence and strength to be successful in this new chapter.